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Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Organic Greens is a 100% fermented, plant-based superfood formula featuring 6 g of the cleanest possible plant-based vegan protein per serving. This unique food supplement harnesses the power of natural fermentation to deliver a broad spectrum of highly bioavailable nutrients and protein in a single, convenient serving.
Fermented Organic Greens features an organic fruit, vegetable, and grass blend grown on Factors Farms? in British Columbia?s Okanagan Valley. The formula also features a blend of micronized medicinal mushrooms, including cordyceps, reishi, himematsutake, shiitake, maitake, and turkey tail, rich in polysaccharides to help you thrive.
In recent years, scientists have found that fermentation, a traditional food preservation technique, can enhance the bioavailability of nutrients from food, effectively ?predigesting? otherwise indigestible plant materials to release a food?s full nutritional potency while easing digestion. Fermentation also enhances protein quality and can produce unique polyphenolic compounds including antioxidant flavonoids!
Fermented Organic Greens is a vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-dairy, and non-GMO formula sweetened with low-glycemic stevia, and only contains natural organic flavours. This innovative formula goes beyond standard greens powders, providing a naturally concentrated source of quality protein and highly bioavailable nutrients to support your active lifestyle.

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