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Natural Factors Bilberry 36% Anthocyanidins 90 Capsules


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HerbalFactors Bilberry features a highly concentrated bilberry extract with 36% of anthocyanidins. Bilberry is used in herbal medicine to slow the progression of eye disorders, including diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy, and macular degeneration.The active ingredients in bilberry are anthocyanidins, a group of antioxidants that support healthy vision by reducing oxidative stress in the macula of the eye and blood vessels of the retina. For this reason, bilberry offers important protective benefits for the eyes, including the damaging effects of the sun?s UV rays and blue-light-emitting electronics. It may help eyes adapt to the dark, especially after prolonged exposure to bright light.Bilberry is also used to help relieve symptoms related to non-complicated chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), such as sensations of swelling, heaviness, and tingling of the legs. Strengthening capillaries and connective tissue encourages healthy blood circulation within the legs.HerbalFactors? standardized bilberry extract guarantees 36% of anthocyanidins in a base of whole bilberry powder, which is the strength used in most clinical studies. This is a fantastic supplement for adults over 40 who want to protect their vision and enjoy the full range of bilberry health benefits in a convenient, non-GMO format.

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