The Tru Original

Tru Niagen 300mg is our most versatile serving size—one capsule daily can increase your blood NAD+ levels by up to 51% in as little as two weeks, and keep them elevated over time with ongoing supplementation. You can also take more than one capsule daily to increase your NAD+ levels even further, depending on your budget and how you feel after starting with 300mg.

What to Expect


When you take your first serving of Tru Niagen, the capsule passes through your esophagus and the contents dissolve in your stomach. Nicotinamide riboside (NR), the active supernutrient, is absorbed through your stomach and intestines and is then transported to the cells throughout your body. Unlike other NAD+ precursors, NR is easily able to pass through cell walls. Inside your cells, the NR is used to produce NAD+, which will be used to produce cellular energy and to aid in the process of cellular repair. With daily use, Tru Niagen will slowly start to increase the amount of available NAD+ in your body to help your 37.2 trillion cells thrive.


Normally, you lose up to 65% of your NAD+ between age 30 and 70. But after two weeks of consistent supplementation with Tru Niagen, it’s possible that you’ve course-corrected this decline by increasing your NAD+ levels up to about 50% (with 300mg per day). Depending on the stressors you face regularly and on your general lifestyle habits when you got started, you may notice different effects. Whether you can feel anything or not, the increased NAD+ is working to help support your cells, and this is especially important for your most metabolically and energetically demanding tissues, like your brain, heart, skeletal muscle, liver, kidneys, and skin. These tissues need a great deal of NAD+ to function properly.


After eight weeks of consistent, daily supplementation with Tru Niagen, you’ve reached a new, elevated baseline NAD+ level (40-50% higher than when you started, if you’re taking 300mg daily), and you might be noticing more improvements to your overall health and well-being, or subtle changes here and there. Whether you notice changes or not, you’ve replenished much of what years of time and stress have stolen from your cells. Now it’s all about maintaining consistency to keep your NAD+ up, and to potentially try adding more Tru Niagen to your daily regimen depending on how you’re feeling and on your budget.

90+ DAYS

Because your cells aren’t acclimated to the increased NAD+ supply they’re getting thanks to Tru Niagen, some positive benefits can be experienced over a few weeks or months. But remember, NAD+ plays a constant, 24/7 role in keeping your cells in shape. So there are long-term benefits to maintaining elevated NAD+ consistently over time. This is why many of our subscribers have been taking Tru Niagen for years.

Whether you’re starting Tru Niagen at 30 or 70, by managing your NAD+ levels, you’re essentially insuring your cells against the effects of time and metabolic stress. Ultimately, by supporting your 37.2 trillion cells with more NAD+, you’re benefiting the organs, tissues, and systems that are vital to keeping you in good health as you get older. The general population is living longer and longer these days, but a long life does not necessarily mean a healthy life. With Tru Niagen you’re supporting your healthspan for the long haul—staying healthy as you get older.

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