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Natural Factors L-Taurine 1000 mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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Natural Factors L-Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid used to support cardiovascular function. L-taurine is considered a non-protein amino acid because it is not used to synthesize the body?s proteins. Instead, this sulfur-containing nutrient is found in an unbound form throughout the body. Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the heart and is also found in the brain, nervous system, and muscles.
It has critical roles in the body?s metabolism of fats and is needed for stabilizing cell membranes and regulating the movement of ions across them. This activity contributes to fluid balance throughout the body?s tissues and the movement of potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium across cells.
Although L-taurine occurs naturally in the body and is found in certain high-protein foods, such as meat, fish, and dairy products, it is most effective when taken as a free-form amino acid. Every two-capsule dose, taken once daily, provides 2000 mg of L- taurine. This is a fantastic choice for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone who has an increased risk of taurine deficiency or is concerned about heart health.

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