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Natural Factors Fresh Kelp Extract 800 mcg of iodine 50 mL Liquid


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Natural Factors Fresh Kelp Extract is a convenient liquid supplement used to support healthy thyroid function.Kelp is a sea vegetable and a naturally concentrated source of iodine. This essential nutrient is used by the body to produce thyroid hormones and for the maintenance of good health. Kelp also contains a broad spectrum of other ocean-borne minerals, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, alongside trace elements, vitamins, and lignans that we rely on for proper nutrition.Fresh Kelp Extract is hand-harvested in a sustainable manner from the coastal waters of British Columbia. It is rigorously tested for purity to ensure it is free of marine contaminants and heavy metals. Our precision extraction process is used to preserve the natural spectrum of minerals, vitamins, and iodine found in fresh kelp. It is also fortified with potassium iodide to allow for 800 mcg of iodine per 0.033 mL drop, the most concentrated liquid iodine on the market.Very little iodine is present in land-grown food, making sea vegetables like kelp some of the most available dietary sources found in nature. Supplementing with Fresh Kelp Extract is an effective way to meet the recommended daily requirements of iodine and restore depleted iodine levels in people with low thyroid function.

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